X-raypad Aqua Control 2 Review

Professional Gaming Mousepad

Picture this: a dimly lit room, the soft glow of multiple screens, and the intense focus of a gamer immersed in a digital universe. Enter Kim, my son, who has navigated through countless realms and faced myriad challenges, all with the support of his trusted gaming gear. But recently, a new ally emerged on his desk – the X-raypad Aqua Control 2 Gaming Mousepad. I’ve seen him invest (thanks to my wallet) in many gaming accessories over the years, but this one truly stands out. It’s the silent weapon redefining his gameplay. Join me on this journey to uncover the magic behind this standout piece.

X-raypad Aqua Control 2
  • Pixel Precise Accuracy

  • Consistent X and Y Glide

  • Sweat-Proof Design

X-raypad Aqua Control 2: Kim’s Gaming Experience

  • Pixel Precision Unleashed: Dive deep into the gaming realm with Kim, as the pad’s unparalleled linear trajectory accuracy enhances every swift move he makes. The precision is unmistakable whether he’s on the hunt in a fast-paced shooter or traversing expansive in-game terrains.
  • Smooth Edges, Smooth Gaming: The little things matter. The supple edges of this pad bear witness to the X-raypad’s meticulous craftsmanship. Kim’s wrists and palms remain unscathed even after hours of fervent gameplay.
  • For The Intense and The Sweaty: No more faltering in those nail-biting, pulse-racing in-game moments. Thanks to the unique knit pattern, the mouse sails smoothly, ensuring no beat is missed.
  • Beyond Gaming: Sure, Kim’s engrossed in his games, but this pad isn’t just for the gamer. If you’re sculpting designs or crafting videos, the Aqua Control 2 might just be the muse you need.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with authentic Vietnamese rubber, this pad is resilient, springing back irrespective of the twists and turns of intense gaming sessions. And despite the wear and tear of endless gaming marathons, it remains untarnished and ever-ready for the next battle.

Unboxing the X-raypad Aqua Control 2

X-raypad Aqua Control 2 Features: Mastering the Precision Playground

  • Unmatched Linear Trajectory Precision

    Unleash unparalleled accuracy with the Pixel Precise feature! Glide smoothly at a staggering 96.43% precision rate at 50ips/3200DPI.

  • Circle Mastery on Point

    Achieve near-perfection with a 99.2% circle track accuracy. Whether darting straight or swirling around, expect nothing less than excellence in every move

  • Authentic Vietnamese Craftsmanship

    Sculpted from the purest Vietnamese rubber, this mousepad boasts unmatched softness without a hint of bulging – a genuine work of art.

  • Sweat? No Sweat

    Gamers say goodbye to slippery hands disrupting your gameplay. Engineered to combat sweat and dirt, this pad ensures consistent quality, no matter how heated the action gets.

  • Enhance Your Shooting Game

    Find your mark every time. Elevate your shooting games with a pad that ensures you halt precisely where you intend to – precision redefined.

  • The Grip of Titans

    Crafted with nature-inspired rubber textures, this pad clings to your desktop, ensuring undisturbed, precise movements in your most intense gaming moments.

  • Premium Quality Build

    Fashioned with the exquisite non-coating Amundsen fabric surface and a non-slip base, this is luxury under your fingertips.

  • A Badge of Trust

    Rest easy, gamers. With certifications from UKCA, CE, and FDA, every material here meets the highest standards, promising you a gaming experience that’s not just thrilling but also safe.

X-raypad Aqua Control 2
  • Pixel Precise Accuracy

  • Consistent X and Y Glide

  • Sweat-Proof Design


  • Surface Texture

    The Aqua Control+ offers a unique hybrid texture that balances speed and control, making it suitable for a variety of games and tasks.

  • Durability

    Known for its robust construction, it tends to hold up well over time.

  • Versatility

    Suitable for both speed and control playstyles, making it a great all-around choice for gamers.

  • Variety of Sizes

    Available in various sizes, allowing users to choose based on desk space and preferences.

  • Aesthetics

    Available in multiple designs and colors, catering to different preferences.


  • Initial Smell

    Some users report a distinct odor upon unpacking, although it dissipates over time.

  • Break-in Period

    The texture might feel different initially and may require some time to get used to.

  • Cleaning

    The unique surface texture might require more specific cleaning methods to maintain its performance attributes.

Note: This general overview is based on typical user feedback and reviews. Individual experiences may vary.

X-raypad Aqua Control 2 – A Glimpse into the Elite Gaming Experience

In my quest to better understand the true power of the Aqua Control Plus, I delved deep into the gaming community and discovered professional players who swear by its precision. Here’s what they had to say:

@Badseed Tech

Texture is key. With the right pad, you can strike the perfect balance: minimal friction for sleek movement yet precise stopping power. Control often means texture in mousepads, while speed translates to a silky smooth glide.

@Brandon Taylor

The Aqua Control Plus stands out for me. It’s like gliding over fine gravel and stopping on a dime.


Unboxing the X-raypad Aqua Control Plus was a treat. It’s by far the largest and most impressive mouse pad I’ve seen—an absolute delight for any gamer.


The Aqua Control Plus, especially with my custom Versintwith Skye design from Valorant, is a game-changer. It boosts my speed without compromising control—a must-have for serious players.

Final Verdict: The Ultimate Glide Experience

Final Thoughts: The X-raypad Aqua Control 2 isn’t just another gaming mousepad; it’s a testament to how gaming accessories have evolved over the years, merging style with high-end functionality. Kim’s gaming sessions have visibly improved, and I believe this mouse pad has a significant role.

In conclusion, the Aqua Control Plus by X-raypad stands out in the crowded mousepad market with its innovative approach to glide dynamics. It harmoniously combines the best aspects of control and speed, offering a smooth yet resistant experience.

This balance is perfect for those who operate at high sensitivities but still crave the nuanced control typically absent from traditional speed pads. As gaming evolves and demands more from users, products like the Aqua Control Plus will continue to pave the way, setting new standards for what a professional mousepad can and should offer—highly recommended for gamers and professionals alike!

Kim is using the X-raypad with his Pulsar X2 gaming mouse and is really happy with it. The combo works great for his games, and he feels a clear difference in how smoothly everything runs.

If you’re vibing with the glide vibes, this pad’s a must-try. Zero drawbacks and a price tag that’ll make your wallet smile!

Quick Guide to Choosing a Gaming Mousepad

  1. Feel the Fabric: Ever touched a material and thought, “That feels just right”? That’s the vibe with the X-raypad Aqua Control 2. It strikes the perfect balance between speed and control—a sweet spot for gamers looking for versatility.
  2. Size It Up: Mouse pads are like pizza; they come in various sizes. From personal-sized ones to those expansive ones that fit your mouse and keyboard. Wondering why Kim’s got such a large pad? Thanks to lower DPI settings, larger ones tend to vibe with gamers who love sweeping hand moves.
  3. No Fray, All Play: Stitched edges might seem like a slight touch, but they’re the unsung heroes preventing wear and tear. A tiny detail that promises the pad stays fresh even after marathon gaming sessions.
  4. Make It Yours: Why go generic when you can get personal? The X-raypad lets gamers tailor it to their taste, size, or design—a touch of individual flair combined with solid functionality.
  5. It’s All About the Glide: Different strokes for different folks! While some gamers chase the thrill of a silky-smooth glide, others want that slight resistance for ultra-precise moves.
  6. Clean Gaming: Even the best of us get sweaty during intense gaming moments. But no stress, pads like the X-raypad Aqua Control 2 are designed to combat this. A quick wash, and it’s back to its prime.
  7. Green Gaming: In today’s world, eco-friendly is the way to go. It’s a win if your mousepad has an environmental touch, considering our planet could use all the love.
  8. Comfort is King: While the X-raypad Aqua Control 2 doesn’t come with a wrist rest, some pads do. It’s all about easing the strain and making those prolonged gaming sessions a tad more comfy.

In Short: Your perfect pad depends on your space, style, and gaming needs. Find one that aligns with your gaming style!

Remember, the best mouse pad for you depends on your personal gaming style and needs!

X-raypad Aqua Control 2
  • Pixel Precise Accuracy

  • Consistent X and Y Glide

  • Sweat-Proof Design

Mousepad Mysteries: The FAQs

Why do I need a gaming mouse pad?

A gaming mousepad enhances the mouse sensor and offers better glide accuracy and control. The X-raypad Aqua Control 2 provides comfort during extended gaming sessions.

How do I choose the right size for my mouse pad?

Consider your desk space, playstyle (larger swipes vs. small wrist movements), and the games you play.

Soft vs. Hard mousepads: Which is better?

Soft pads generally provide more control and cushioning, while hard pads prioritize faster gliding.

How do I clean my mouse pad?

Cloth pads: Use a damp cloth or wash under cold water. Hard pads: Wipe down with a slightly wet cloth. Always air dry.

Why are some mousepads thicker than others?

Thicker pads can help cushion your wrist and even out uneven desk surfaces. Thin pads are more portable.

Why do some mouse pads have stitched edging?

Stitched edges prevent fraying, extending the lifespan of the pad. However, some users find them abrasive.

How does humidity affect my mousepad?

Moisture can cause your hand or mouse to drag on cloth pads. Some pads are designed with humidity-resistant materials.

Is a more expensive mouse pad always better?

Not necessarily. It’s more about finding a pad that suits your needs in size, material, and other features.

How does glide affect gameplay?

A smoother glide is great for rapid movements, while more traction helps with precise aiming.

How often should I replace my mousepad?

Whenever you feel it’s affecting your performance due to wear and tear. Quality pads can last several years with proper care.

Are RGB lighting or designs on a mouse pad just for aesthetics?

Mostly, yes. Some users prefer RGB for ambiance, while others like plain designs for a cleaner look.

Will a bad mousepad damage my mouse?

Unlikely. However, a poor-quality pad can lead to inconsistent mouse performance and may cause increased wear on mouse feet over time.

Why new mousepad smell so bad

New mouse pads can emit a strong odor due to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from their materials and the chemicals used in production. This “off-gassing” is amplified when trapped in packaging. Typically, the scent diminishes over time, and airing out can expedite the process.

What is the difference between a good and bad mouse pad?

A good mousepad provides consistent glide and precise tracking and is durable enough to withstand regular usage without fraying or deteriorating quickly. On the other hand, a bad mouse pad may have inconsistent surface texture, wear out quickly, and not provide optimal tracking for your mouse.

Choosing the right equipment can be transformative for any gamer. Just as Kim found joy with his X-raypad Aqua Control 2 Mousepad, you must find that perfect match. It’s about enhancing the gaming experience. Happy gaming!

Pairing the X-Raypad Mousepad with the Trigkey Mini PC

In my review of the X-Raypad Aqua Control 2 Mousepad, I highlighted the importance of a quality mousepad for precision in both work and gaming. But to truly make the most of such an accessory, you need a computer that’s up to the task. That’s where the Trigkey Mini PC Ryzen 7 5800H comes in. In a recent review, I explored this Mini PC, which could be the ideal centerpiece for your tech setup.

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