My Quest for the Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ah, snorkeling! It’s like opening a vibrant, bustling door to an underwater paradise. Today, I’m diving headfirst (pun intended) into the world of the best full face snorkel mask. I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that just a fancy window to look at fish?” Oh, but it’s so much more!

Full Face Snorkeling Mask

A Revelation Underwater

Imagine this: You’re floating above a coral reef, the sun’s rays are dancing through the water, and a kaleidoscope of marine life whirls below you. This is where the best full-face snorkel mask comes into play. Unlike a traditional snorkel, it covers your entire face, allowing you to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth. No more biting down on a mouthpiece like you’re trying to make a fashion statement with a rubber bit.

The first time I tried one, it was a revelation. “I can breathe!” I remember thinking, sounding slightly like Darth Vader underwater – a small price to pay for comfort. Its 180-degree field of vision is like upgrading from a boxy old TV to a widescreen HD experience. Every snorkel session feels like a premiere at an underwater film festival!

My Top Picks for 2024


Ocean Reef Aria QR +

OCEAN REEF - Aria QR + Quick Release Snorkeling Mask
Snorkeling Mask

Best For Advanced Snorkelers


Seaview 180° V3

Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask
Full-Face Snorkel Mask

Best For Panoramic View Lovers



Greatever G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask
Full Face Snorkel Mask

Best For Budget-Conscious

Choosing the Right Mask

My Quest for the Best Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Picking the best full-face snorkel mask is like choosing the right wand in ‘Harry Potter’ – it needs to be a perfect fit. A mask too tight will make you feel like your head is in a vice grip; too loose, and you’ll have more water in your mask than in the ocean. And let’s not forget about the importance of a good seal – especially if you’re a bearded gentleman. A full beard and a full face mask are like pineapple on pizza – they don’t always mix well…

Top Best Full Face Snorkel Masks

The Winners

1. OCEAN REEF Aria QR + Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Dive into a superior snorkeling experience with the OCEAN REEF Aria QR +. This full-face snorkeling mask offers a blend of innovative features and unparalleled comfort, revolutionizing your underwater adventures.

OCEAN REEF - Aria QR + Quick Release Snorkeling Mask
  • Largest Field of Vision of Any Mask

  • New Strap and Quick Release System

  • Made in Italy

Key Features:

Enhanced comfort and ease of use with the new quick-release system

Unobstructed and clear panoramic underwater view

Effective anti-fog design for a consistent, clear vision

Patented and independently tested air circulation technology


  • Quick Release System

    The mask features a redesigned strap and quick release system, ensuring ease of use, safety, and comfort.

  • 180° Panoramic View

    The Aria QR + offers a 180° FOV, allowing snorkelers to fully appreciate the underwater world.

  • Anti-Fog System

    The exclusive OCEAN REEF patent, with unique air circulation system prevents fog formation and reduces the risk of CO2 accumulation.

  • Enhanced Breathing Comfort

    The mask allows for natural nose breathing, eliminating the discomfort of biting on a traditional snorkel mouthpiece.


  • Premium Pricing

    The higher cost of the mask could be a consideration for some users. While it offers advanced features and enhanced comfort, the price point is relatively steep compared to standard snorkeling gear. This aspect might require budget-conscious snorkelers to weigh the benefits against the investment.

  • Learning Curve for Detaching Snorkel Tube

    While the videos on the Ocean Reef Group website suggest an effortless process for removing the snorkel tube, it actually requires a bit more finesse in practice. This is not a flaw, but rather an aspect that users can quickly master with a little practice

Overall Impression:

The OCEAN REEF Aria QR + sets a new standard in full face snorkel masks. Its focus on comfort, safety, and a wide field of vision makes it an excellent choice for snorkelers at all levels. The mask’s innovative features, with OCEAN REEF’s 70 years of expertise in underwater equipment, ensure a top-notch snorkeling experience. Ideal for those seeking a blend of advanced functionality and ease of use in their snorkeling adventures.

2. SEAVIEW 180° V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask

The SEAVIEW 180° V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask is designed for both adults and kids, focusing on enhancing the snorkeling experience with advanced features. This mask offers a blend of comfort, safety, and panoramic visibility and elevates underwater adventures.

Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Snorkeling Gear for Adults and Kids

  • Comfortable Breathing Experience

  • Designed and Tested in The USA

Key Features:

Flowtech Advanced Breathing System for up to 600% easier breathing

Patented side snorkel design for natural airflow

180-degree panoramic view with a larger lens for more visibility

Anti-fog and anti-leak design

Adjustable straps with quick-release safety clips

GoPro camera mount

Latex-free silicone for a comfortable, watertight seal

Auto drain design to expel water


  • Efficient Airflow

    Natural breathing through the nose and mouth.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Meticulous testing and design.

  • Three Sizes

    For optimal fit, improved comfort and sealing.

  • GoPro Ready

    Swivel camera mount for underwater recording.

  • Clear Vision

    Clear underwater vision without fogging issues.

  • Easy to Use

    Quick and easy fit adjustments with durable straps.


  • Limited Seal with Facial Hair

    Users with a full beard may find it challenging to achieve a tight seal. It may be more suitable to opt for a conventional snorkel set if shaving isn’t an option.

  • Assembly and Disassembly

    While the mask is easy to assemble, some users may find it a bit challenging to take apart – a minor inconvenience.

Overall Impression:

The SEAVIEW 180° V3 Snorkel Mask significantly advances snorkeling gear, prioritizing safety and user comfort. Its innovative breathing system and panoramic view offer an immersive snorkeling experience. Suitable for a wide range of users due to its adjustable sizing and user-friendly features, this mask is a solid choice for those seeking a superior underwater adventure.

3. GREATEVER G2 Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The GREATEVER G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask represents a fusion of innovative design and advanced snorkeling technology. Aimed at providing a superior underwater experience, it combines comfort, clarity, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for snorkelers of all levels.

Greatever G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • Easy-Breathing Technology

  • Crystal Clear View

  • Collapsible Design

Key Features:

Panoramic view with high-definition PU resin flat lens to prevent distortion

Removable motion camera mount for capturing underwater moments

G2 Dry Top System with a wider top snorkel and two-channel exhaust valve

Enhanced breathing capability and maximum air intake

Full-face design made of high-quality silicone for anti-fog and anti-leak protection


  • 180 Degree Panoramic View

    Offers a clear, wide field of vision without dizziness.

  • Comfortable and Smooth Breathing

    Enables comfortable and smooth breathing during snorkeling.

  • Leak-Proof Design

    Leak-proof and fog-resistant for a worry-free snorkeling experience.

  • Foldable Snorkeling Mask

    The folding design makes it travel-friendly and easy to store.

  • Versatile Use

    Suitable for a variety of snorkeling activities, including surface snorkeling.


  • Initial Adjustment Period

    New users, accustomed to regular snorkels, may initially feel a bit claustrophobic or find the breathing slightly restricted. However, with time and use, most people adapt.

  • Not Ideal for Bearded Users

    Individuals with a full beard might struggle to achieve a perfect seal. A conventional snorkel set could be a more suitable alternative in such cases.

Overall Impression:

The GREATEVER G2 Snorkel Mask is a standout product in the snorkeling gear market. Its focus on providing a clear, panoramic view and ensuring comfortable breathing makes it a top choice for those looking to explore the underwater world. Its user-friendly features, like the camera mount and effective anti-fog design, add to its appeal, making it a highly recommended option for snorkeling enthusiasts.

4. WSTOO Snorkel Mask

The WSTOO Snorkel Mask is designed for adult and child adventurers looking to explore the underwater world easily and comfortably. It combines innovative features like a dry top breathing system and a 180-degree panoramic view to enhance the snorkeling experience. Let’s dive into what makes this mask a standout choice.

WSTOO Snorkel Mask
  • 180° Panoramic View

  • Advanced Breathing System

  • Action Camera Mount

Key Features:

Dry Top Breathing System for comfortable breathing

180-degree panoramic view with anti-fog lenses

Environmentally friendly, durable materials

Foldable design with a quick-release button

Suitable for adults and kids, with a camera mount


  • Clear, Wide Vision Underwater

    Enjoy unobstructed views of marine life.

  • Smooth Breathing with Efficient Air Circulation

    Breathe easily and naturally.

  • Comfortable Fit and Effective Anti-Leak Design

    Snug and secure, with no water intrusion.

  • Easy to Transport and Safe

    Convenient for travel and Quick to Remove in Emergencies.


  • Comfort Over Extended Use

    May feel snug on longer dives, especially around sensitive areas like the nose or forehead. This may vary depending on personal facial features and usage duration. But it remains a solid, reliable choice for most snorkelers.

Overall Impression:

The WSTOO Snorkel Mask stands out for its superior breathing system and clear, wide field of vision. Its user-friendly design, focusing on safety and comfort, makes it an excellent choice for both adults and kids interested in snorkeling. Ideal for exploring marine life, it’s a reliable and enjoyable gear for underwater adventures.

5. ZIPOUTE Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The ZIPOUTE Full Face Snorkel Mask is crafted for both adults and kids, offering an expansive underwater view and easy breathing. It’s designed to make snorkeling a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, with a focus on clear vision and comfort.

ZIPOUTE Snorkel Mask Full Face
  • Exclusive 2 Exhaust Channels on Each Side

  • Easy, Natural Breathing

  • Superior View

Key Features:

180° panoramic view with a wide, flat lens for distortion-free visibility

Dry snorkel system to prevent water entry and gagging

Separate breathing chamber for anti-fogging

Camera mount for capturing underwater experiences

Made of high-quality PC and medical-grade silicone

Exclusive dual exhaust channels for efficient CO2 discharge


  • Expansive Underwater Vision

    Provides a wide, uninterrupted field of vision underwater.

  • Clarity and Comfort

    Ensures dry and fog-free snorkeling experience.

  • Adventure Recording Capability

    Suitable for capturing underwater adventures with a camera.

  • Hypoallergenic Comfort

    Skin-friendly materials for allergy prevention and comfort.

  • Versatile Fit

    Easy to adjust for different head shapes and sizes.


  • Initial Adjustment Required

    A proper fit is key to preventing water leakage. With careful adjustment, the mask provides an excellent seal and reliable performance.

  • Noticeable Ventilation Sound

    While the side vents excel in providing efficient airflow, they do produce a noticeable sound. Being prepared for this aspect ensures you can fully appreciate their effectiveness in ventilation.

Overall Impression:

The ZIPOUTE Full Face Snorkel Mask is a versatile and user-friendly option for snorkelers. Its panoramic view and innovative dry snorkel system make it stand out. The mask is particularly appealing to those who want to record their underwater journey. It’s one of the best choices for snorkelers seeking a combination of safety, comfort, and convenience in their snorkeling gear.

6. COZIA DESIGN Snorkel Mask with Fins

The COZIA DESIGN Snorkeling Set features a full-face snorkel mask and adjustable swim fins. It offers a comprehensive solution for enthusiasts. This snorkeling set enhances the underwater experience, emphasizing comfort, visibility, and ease of use, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned snorkelers.

COZIA DESIGN Snorkeling Gear
  • Anti Fog and Anti Leak

  • 180° Immersive HD Vision

  • Adjustable Open-Heel Swim Fins

Key Features:

Portable design with foldable snorkel mask and short swimming fins

Upgraded dry-top anti-leak system and dual-channel exhaust valve

Separate inhale and exhale breathing chambers for a fog-free experience

Soft, hypoallergenic silicone skirt for a leak-proof, comfortable seal

180° panoramic HD vision with transparent flat lens

Adjustable open-heel swim fins for various foot sizes

Anti-slip soles on fins for safety


  • Travel-Friendly

    Easy to pack and convenient for travel, perfect for on-the-go snorkeling adventures.

  • Leak-Free Breathing

    Seamless, safe, and comfortable breathing experience with no leaks.

  • Clear Visibility

    Enjoy a fogless diving experience thanks to efficient air circulation.

  • Panoramic View

    Experience a wide, distortion-free view of the underwater world.

  • Shared Comfort

    Adjustable fins designed for comfort, suitable for sharing among various users.


  • Fine-Tuning Needed

    Achieving the perfect fit requires some adjustments. Once properly set, the mask minimizes tightness and suction issues, enhancing your snorkeling comfort.

  • Attention to Clip Design

    The side clip on the fin is designed for easy removal, which requires mindfulness to ensure it stays secure during use. A bit of extra awareness can prevent loss and maintain optimal functionality.

Overall Impression:

COZIA DESIGN‘s Snorkeling Gear set is an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive snorkeling kit. The combination of a full-face snorkel mask and adjustable fins caters to a range of sizes and preferences. With its focus on user comfort and an immersive, fog-free underwater experience, this set stands out as a versatile and good option for exploring marine environments.

A Story of the Sea

Diving With a Full Face Snorkel Mask

Let me tell you a story. Last summer, while exploring the cerulean waters of Hawaii, my full face snorkel mask was my trusty companion. Floating above the reef, I witnessed an underwater soap opera: a grumpy-looking pufferfish, a sea turtle with an apparent disdain for paparazzi, and a school of fish that moved like synchronized swimmers. It was breathtaking, both metaphorically and literally. The mask’s anti-fog technology meant my view was as clear as my intentions not to become fish food…

The Joy of Snorkeling

With a full face snorkel mask, snorkeling becomes more than just a pastime; it’s an immersive experience. You get to be a guest in a world that’s usually hidden from view, a silent observer of nature’s unscripted shows. It’s a joy that’s hard to describe – like trying to explain the taste of water, but trust me, it’s wonderful.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Dangers

Myths and Truths

Now, let’s address the sea elephant in the room – full face snorkel mask dangers. Like any piece of equipment, it’s about using it right. Yes, there have been concerns about CO2 buildup, but the best full-face snorkel masks are designed with advanced ventilation systems to keep the air flowing. It’s like having a team of tiny, invisible snorkel elves ensuring you’re breathing safely. The key is to choose quality over a bargain and to snorkel responsibly – no deep diving contests, please!

The Controversy

Why Some Tour Operators Forbid Full-Face Snorkeling Masks

Now, let’s wade into slightly choppier waters. In some snorkeling hotspots around the globe, you might find tour operators who are as welcoming to full face snorkel masks as cats are to water. Why, you ask? It mainly boils down to safety concerns.

In specific incidents, novice snorkelers, enamored by the allure of easy breathing and panoramic views, have overlooked the fundamental snorkeling rule: staying within your comfort zone. Some full-face masks, especially lower-quality ones, have been under scrutiny for not allowing adequate CO2 escape, making them unsuitable for intense or prolonged snorkeling. It’s like trying to run a marathon with a stuffy nose – not a pleasant experience.

There’s also the aspect of quick removal. In an emergency, peeling off a traditional snorkel is faster than saying, “Shark!” But with a full face mask, it’s more like fumbling with a zip-tied backpack while that same shark is giving you the “I’m watching you” look.

Tour operators, as guardians of aquatic fun, often opt for the ‘better safe than sorry‘ approach. They prefer traditional snorkels that have stood the test of time and are less likely to contribute to panic scenarios among less experienced snorkelers.

Emphasizing Safe and Responsible Snorkeling

This brings us to an important point: snorkeling, like any adventure sport, requires responsibility. Whether you choose a full face snorkel mask or a traditional set-up, understanding your equipment and listening to your guide are the ABCs of snorkeling etiquette. It’s like learning to dance; you start with something other than breakdancing. Start slow, respect the ocean, and always, always snorkel with a buddy.

Snorkel Showdown: Traditional vs. Full Face Masks

A Comparative Guide

FeatureTraditional SnorkelFull Face Snorkel Mask
Breathing MethodMouth breathing using a mouthpiece.Natural breathing through both nose and mouth.
Field of Vision (FOV)Limited, based on the mask design.180-degree panoramic view.
FoggingCommon, often requires defogging solutions.Reduced fogging due to integrated air flow systems.
Water EntryWater can enter the snorkel tube; requires clearing.Dry top design minimizes water entry.
Ease of UseRequires some skill to breathe and clear water.Easier for beginners; no special breathing techniques required.
Jaw FatigueCan cause discomfort due to biting on the mouthpiece.Reduces jaw fatigue; no mouthpiece to bite.
CO2 BuildupLess concern due to separate snorkel.Requires careful design to prevent CO2 buildup.
CommunicationDifficult to talk or hear.Easier to talk, some models compatible with communication devices.
VersatilitySuitable for free diving and deep snorkeling.Recommended for surface snorkeling only.
PriceGenerally more affordable.Tends to be more expensive due to advanced features.

Full-Face Snorkel Mask Safety Quiz

Full-Face Snorkel Mask Safety Quiz

How should you test a full-face snorkel mask for fit before using it in the water?

What is the maximum recommended depth for using a full-face snorkel mask?

What should you do if water enters your mask while snorkeling?

How often should you check the condition of your full-face snorkel mask?

What is a crucial step to take if you start feeling dizzy or short of breath while using the mask?

Deep Dive Queries

Your Essential FAQ on Full Face Snorkeling Masks

Can I breathe normally underwater with a full face snorkel mask?

Absolutely! One of the biggest perks of a full-face snorkel mask is the ability to breathe naturally through your nose and mouth, just like you do on land.

Is there a risk of CO2 buildup in these masks?

High-quality full face snorkel masks are designed with advanced ventilation systems to minimize CO2 buildup. However, it’s crucial to buy from reputable brands and avoid exerting yourself too much underwater.

Can I dive deep with a full face snorkel mask?

Full face snorkel masks are not designed for deep diving. They are best used for surface snorkeling. Deep diving requires specialized equipment.

Will my beard affect the mask’s seal?

Yes, a full beard can prevent a full face snorkel mask from sealing properly, which might allow water to enter. A smooth seal against the skin is essential for the best performance.

Are these masks suitable for children?

They can be, but choosing a mask specifically designed for children’s smaller faces is important for a proper fit. Always supervise children closely when snorkeling.

How do I prevent my full face snorkel mask from fogging up?

Most high-quality masks have anti-fog technology, but you can also apply anti-fog spray as an extra measure. Ensuring the mask fits correctly will also reduce fogging.

Can I wear glasses with a full face snorkel mask?

Unfortunately, wearing glasses under these masks isn’t feasible due to space and sealing issues. Prescription masks or contact lenses are recommended alternatives.

How do I clean and maintain my full face snorkel mask?

Rinse it with fresh water after each use and let it air dry. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Check for sand or debris in the seal and valves.

Can I attach a camera to my full face snorkel mask?

Many masks come with camera mounts, making it easy to attach action cameras for capturing your underwater adventures.

Are full face snorkel masks better than traditional snorkels?

“Better” is subjective and depends on personal preference. Full face masks offer wider views and easier breathing, but some prefer the simplicity of traditional snorkels.


To Mask or Not to Mask?

In conclusion, the full face snorkel mask is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you don’t. Its benefits are undeniable: unparalleled views, natural breathing, and a certain je ne sais quoi” of feeling like an astronaut in an underwater space station. However, it’s crucial to choose a high-quality mask, be aware of its limitations, and use it within the bounds of safety guidelines.

For those willing to try it, prepare to have your snorkeling game changed forever. For the skeptics, that’s okay, too – the ocean is big enough for all kinds of explorers. Whichever side of the mask debate you land on, the most important thing is to enjoy the incredible world beneath the waves.

And remember, in the words of Jacques Cousteau, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Whether looking through the lens of a full-face snorkel mask or squinting through a traditional snorkel, the ocean’s magic remains utterly captivating.

There you have it, a deep dive into the world of full face snorkel masks. I hope this journey has been as enjoyable for you as it was for me to guide you. Happy snorkeling!

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